Emotional And Physical Abuse!

Abuse is a lot like Cancer.
For a long time you aren’t even aware of its existence.

It eats you alive.
Taking away your very core and your very soul.
And then one day it suddenly hits you like a tornado, knocking the breath out of you.

A piercing pain makes your body quiver and you realise that something has been unknowingly damaging your body the whole time.

Then comes the judgement day where you are either given a few numbered days to live or begin an excruciating road to recovery.

Emotional Abuse Is Cancer Without A Visible Mark.

The damage is slow, internal and absolutely torturous.

You feel the overwhelming stabs of pain every day but other than that there’s no evidence of the crime.

It takes time to build up.
It grows very gradually at the start and then suddenly with its roots deeply ingrained within you, it starts multiplying infinitely.

Leaving you with no choice but to shatter into million shreds.

It stretches its branches to take control of your very heart and it merely caresses it at first, making you tingle as if you are in love.

And then just as you look away with a blush painting your cheeks, it leers and punctures your heart.

Your mouth is gaping open in shock as your body trembles with the intensity of pain.

You claw at the air trying to find a way to fight it but you were too late, it already has you bound to it.

You fall to the floor with tears streaming down your face as the last breath escapes your body and you know that this time you won’t survive.

Physical Abuse is different as it makes its appearance known from the very beginning.

It starts with a protrusion on your very skin.
You are told from the start what it is but the fear grips you and you just don’t want to believe the truth.

The lump disappears after a while and you sag with relief.

A smile spreads on your face.
You spend that day singing and dancing and all seems to be alright.

Then a while the bump is back.
Your heart races as you try to clean the wound.
You try to convince yourself that it’s not there.

And it disappears again but then reappears after sometime but at this point the game of peek a boo doesn’t even get a reaction out of you.

You are far too numb to freak out or try to get help.

You lay there day by day taking hits and welcoming the distraction that pain brings you while your body is slowly decaying.

Nobody should try to find out which type of cancer is worse, emotional and physical abuse is the same.

Emotional Abuse destroys your very core, takes away your happiness and shatters you.

Physical Abuse is more into playing cruel games, scarring you one day and being the source of your happiness the next.

Emotional Abuse takes severe tolls on you in the form of emotional breakdowns while Physical Abuse makes you feel inadequate, humiliated and numb to the world.

In emotional Abuse you don’t know what happened until it’s too late but Physical Abuse coerces you into shutting yourself from the world.

Both kinds of Abuse will very effectively destroy a person.

Both work in different ways but in the end the outcome is always the same.

The destruction of your soul.

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