Empath’s Own Soul Death!

Many Empaths are also highly sensitive people which makes them the rarest personality in the world.

The ability for us to feel true empathy transcends what most people can understand.

People don’t understand extreme empathy especially when those close to us are suffering it makes us feel literally close to exactly what they are feeling.

Through the projection we end up taking on The Narcissists agony and deranged disorder.

It is literally inescapable for someone who is a true highly sensitive and highly empathic.

They say Empaths are The Narcissists mirror and vice versa.

Unfortunately many of us are wounded children and both The Empath and The Narcissist seek validation and unconditional love from outside sources.

The mirror is that we are two sides of the same coin.

The difference is that it is like a flip.
One side can only give while the other side can only take because that is the only way we are unconsciously driven to think we can obtain this unobtainable love.

I think this is why we can feel the depths of The Narcissists hell.

This is why many Empaths and Narcissists get entwined together unable to let each other go.

This is why the vibrational match of the universe within our atoms KNOWS that we are the perfectly deranged tragic match made from hell and hades itself.

I dare say many of us are powerless and have no choice but to go through this demonic tortured misery until one of us dies or finally wakes up.

It is truly a war on which side of the coin will become one once and for all.

Being involved with someone with this level of Malignant Narcissism changes An Empath from the inside out.

This is because we met ourselves through and within The Narcissist.

For me abandoning The Narcissist felt the same as abandoning the wounded child inside from my past.

I believe this is why it is unbelievably difficult for An Empath to walk away when wounds are unresolved and we literally lose a part of ourselves when we leave.

We are forever transformed.

This is why most average people don’t seem phased and are not impacted by Narcissists.

Not everyone gets affected as Narcissists are like a virus and Empaths are the most prone to catch it.

This is not a normal attraction it is almost like a hypnosis.

Our vibration is exactly the same during the moments of our union and the victim has to unconsciously sense and know this similar core wound and emptiness The Narcissist carries within him.

One of the most painful vivid dreams I had of The Narcissist even as we are in no contact was him appearing in my dreams being with another while holding my hand with desperate eyes telling me you will never have me but I don’t want you to leave me.

One of the creepiest and true dreams before I knew any of this had came in a premonition where I literally dreamt that The Narcissist was my reflection.

There were mirrors everywhere and I could only see his empty dead eyes staring back at me.

Each time I tried to go closer the reflection would disappear leaving me desperately chasing after only a reflection.

Never did I actually think this was the truth and this was my unconsciousness warning me from the start.

It is sad how despite the abuse and trauma, The Empath can always feel the sorrow and pain of the fragmented pieces of what remains to be The Narcissist as it often times reminds us of ourselves.

The Narcissist teaches The Empath a very powerful lesson.

It is also when The Empath has finally reached and up levelled their vibration to not only learn this lesson but have the serenity and peace within their heart to let go a part of themselves in the process.

We have to truly realise that we must destroy our own reflection that we saw within The Narcissist that represents our own wounded inner child.

We have to undergo our own soul death as The Narcissist did to be able to wake up.

The Empath has no choice to pick up the pieces of their broken heart and if we want to be different from The Narcissist we must realise our self worth and go against the very Fibre of who we are.

We have to learn when to let go and not everything can be healed.

Not everyone will appreciate our empathy and while it is a beautiful gift it is also one of the most devastating tools to be used, abused and violated.

I believe this is the only time An Empath can leave The Narcissist.

when we put to death our own Narcissism of wanting to heal something more then what it is capable of ever doing.

When our desire to heal exceeds someone else’s own desire to even change and overestimates the ability to fix what is damaged beyond repair.

I can not say that I have completely reached this level yet but I hope one day I will gain the strength needed.

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