Everyone Lies!

The one behaviour that characterises the human race is so widespread that most of the time we don’t even notice it.

It is extremely hard to spot and it is even harder to stop.

Yes I’m talking about Lying.

Most people have lied and everyone lies.
Whether it was to protect feelings, avoid trouble, impress or to simply get what they want.

Not many people can say they have never told a lie and if they did then they are lying.

However there is one extreme type of liars that you should beware of ,, The Sociopathic Liar.

On first impressions, you may find yourself actually like or even drawn to The Sociopath.

It’s not surprising as more often than not he is indeed charming and likeable.

Watch out, these type of liars can cause untold damage and mayhem once they lead you into their web of lies and deceit.

Sociopaths lie the most because they are incapable of feelings and don’t want to understand the impact of their lies.

They may even get a thrill out of lying at your expense.

Once they tell an initial lie they go on to tell many more lies in an attempt to cover up the first lie they started or just for the “fun” of it.

A Sociopath rarely reveals his feelings or emotions simply because he has none.

You won’t often hear him laugh, cry or get angry.
These kinds of liars tend to live in their own little world and always find ways to justify their dishonest deeds.

They don’t respect others and they place their own needs first and foremost.

If someone questions The Sociopath’s lies, he can be incredibly devious in the way he covers things up.

This can include placing the blame at someone else’s door or by inventing complex stories to cover up his untruths.

Sociopaths can be so good at lying that they are able to pass a lie detector test.

This means that they often escape jail or don’t even get prosecuted for the crimes they commit.

It is believed by some experts that Sociopathic Lying is connected to the mental illnesses Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder.

If you come across someone who you think is A Sociopathic Liar, beware and run for your life as far away as possible.

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