Expose The Narcissist.

Of all of the forms of abuse of The Narcissist post-discard, The Smear Campaign must rank as the most bewildering and devastating.

Tragically it is probably the tactic that results in so many victims taking their own lives.

It is my own experience and view backed up anecdotally by so many other victims out there, Victim’s suicide is actually the intent of The Narcissist.

Achieving this serves a number of purposes.
• In his twisted view of reality it vindicates him as he wasn’t the problem, it was always you who were crazy, depressive and abusive.

Classic projection in which he claims that his partner is guilty of those faults that applies to him and him alone in the switch of roles between villain and victim.

• It literally buries the evidence of his Narcissism because the one person, The Real Victim and principal witness of his abuse is silenced forever.

• It allows him to play the poor victim for which he now receives plenty of sympathy and thus further source of Narcissistic Supply.

What can you do about it?
Each situation will vary,
• On you and on your position of physical and emotional safety.

• On your mental health and resilience both now and for the foreseeable future.

• The level of close support you have and your ability to mobilise others in backing you up.

• Your professional reputation and the risk posed to it.

There are a variety of solutions and remedies that maybe available to you.

Each has significant pros and cons and only you can really decide which suits you best.

Please consider it with the utmost care as each has consequences.

These will include but are not limited to the following.
• Change your circle of friends completely.
Remove the scope for your Narcissist to torture you further through those you once viewed as friends and be ruthless.

Avoid any possible triangulation whereby your Narcissist still has fangs into and therefore influence over any aspect of your life.

Mutual friends that you keep may unwittingly provide Narcissistic Supply to your Abuser through unwittingly reporting back on how you are doing, what you are up to, what you are doing to cope, who your new friends are etc.

The Narcissist can and will use all of these against you.

• Develop other friendships and support systems.
This should include others from the survivor community who understand what you are going through and will help you self-validate your experience.

offer tips and tricks and act as great travel companion for your journey of recovery.

• Stay and take the battle back to The Narcissist.
Expose him and his abuse completely.

Don’t enter into half measures ,, it’s his destruction or yours.

Take courage from the major abuse scandals of recent times ,, Savile, Weinstein, Nasser, Shipman etc.

These went on for decades virtually unchallenged as a result of which these terrible abusers were able to destroy life after life.

Public opinion has changed dramatically in the last few years aided by the Internet as a result of which there has been a sea change in public abhorrence for Abusers and sympathy for The Victims.

Play your part in raising public awareness of this devastating disorder and the abuse that it hides.

Join the movement.
2019 shall be the year that we raise awareness of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

We have to expose Narcissistic Personality Disorder for what it is and The Abusers for who they are.

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