Flashes Of Memories Of When I Believed In You!

You were once very important in my life.

I remember calling you Prince Charming.

The feelings might have gone, love fades eventually but all of the memories will still remain in my heart forever even though I know now that it was nothing but a cruel illusion.

I won’t avoid those memories, I will let it back into my life whenever my heart feels like it.

When I think of you, I will briefly try to allow myself to remember the good before the bad then I will let go of that thought and will come back to reality.

It is normal to have such memory flashes because my feelings were deep and sincere and that is why I won’t fight it.

Many people suffer additional pain by interpreting wrongly that the memories mean they want that person back.

However those memories are no different than any other kind of Traumatic Flashback.

No one wants the traumatic event to recur but that doesn’t keep the flashbacks away.

Maybe it means that there is something unresolved in regards to what happened and chances are when it’s resolved the flashbacks will stop or at least become less frequent.

Or maybe it just simply means that I miss who I thought you to be and I’m still mourning your loss.

In all cases I’m sure it means that the pain is as deep as my feelings were.

Losing you wasn’t easy but knowing who you truly are was beyond any explanation.

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