For Every Action There’s A Reaction!

For every action there’s a reaction and as an Empath I have a strong sense of justice and injustice.

When I know someone has destroyed lives and still does, I can only hope that one day he gets a huge dose of karma!

I wanted my Narcissist to have some consequences for his evil, abusive, degrading, criminal and deceptive behaviour.

When I got close to realising the full extent of his evil behaviour and all his nefarious connections ‘as most of us barely see the tip of the iceberg before we are gone’.

I believe in a world of consequences where good is rewarded and evil is punished.

Especially as someone who always had a strong black and white sense of right and wrong.

Narcissists are dark grey to black hearted people who acts like they have a pearl white heart.

They make us look like the evil ones and the consequences we suffer are tremendous.

After forgiving him and realising the hell he lives in, for me that was enough of a punishment.

I would never wish what happened to me on anyone ever not even him.

So I guess what I’m saying is at the beginning I wanted him to see the consequences of his behaviour and how cruel, evil and heartbreaking it is.

That doesn’t make me or anyone who had or still has the same thoughts a bad person, it’s a normal reaction after all what we had to endure.

Now as I pray everyday for my full recovery ,, I know that when I’m finally there he would completely cease to exist even as a bad memory.

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