Give Yourself Some Time!!

Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither will your heart heal overnight.

What matters in the end is that Rome was built eventually and you too will get over him eventually ,, just give yourself some time.

I know all about the heartbreak you are going through.

I know it way too well.
I know how hopeless you feel now.
I know you just want to crawl into your bed under the sheets and stay there for the rest of your life.

I know how your hand still types in his number unconsciously and how you almost dialed it a dozen times.

I know you wonder what could you do to make things right and if he still thinks about you as much as you think about him if at all.

I know all about this, trust me I do and I’m here to tell you that it’s ok.

It’s ok to feel heartbroken.
It’s ok to miss him but it’s not ok to get back to him.

It’s not ok to constantly cry over spilled milk.
It’s not ok to beat yourself up for being stuck because you are not stuck.

You are moving on and you are healing.
All this what you are, is part of getting over him.

They say that the only thing more dangerous than war is love.

You have felt this on your own skin.
It feels like you went through a war zone and not a relationship and it seems like every bullet that was shot somehow found its way to you.

You loved and you got broken.
You got your hopes up just to see it vanish into dust and it hurts.

All of this hurts so much, I get it.
Just remember “it’s always the darkest before the dawn”

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