Give Yourself The Gift Of Love.

Being hit by A Narcissistic Bomb is absolutely terrible.

For some even fatal and anyone who has been in the claws of such a monster knows what I‘m talking about.

The Abuse is horrific!
It can be physical as well as mental.

Although most will agree with me that the mental abuse is far more worse.

When finally one gets out of that hell and begin to be able to look at things from a personal point of view then most victims begin to feel utter hatred towards their Abuser.

But as we all know hatred is so unhealthy.
Then comes all the good advises as for how to move on.

Most often we hear forgive him but I will tell you this,
Never ever in my lifetime will I choose to forgive anyone who has done me wrong on a deep level like that.

And my reason is that I‘m too good for that!
Forgiving is like saying it’s not ok but I bend my neck and accept your beating of my soul.

And no way on Earth will I do that!
I don’t believe in turning the other cheek!

I think originally those advises came from the Abusers then were adapted by the victims.

I refuse to be a victim.
I’m a survivor.

So here is what I sincerely hope others can learn.

This is what I finally realised like an epiphany.

A Narcissist is a Fraud!
He has no soul.
He has no feelings.
Never the less he desperately seeks attention so he can feel worthy.

Remember those first days, weeks and perhaps months even which I highly I doubt where he was love bombing you.

You felt that you have met your soulmate.
He liked what you like.
He laughed at the same jokes.
Disliked the same things.
He did what you did.
It was so perfect.

It was perfect until he began putting you down and Gaslighting you.

But it was all fake because all he can do is mimic the chosen one.

So every single thing you loved so much about him was actually you.

You fell deeply and utterly in love with yourself and that is the true wonderful outcome of all that terror.

Realising what a fantastic person you are and that you can love yourself intensely means that you are the immensely wonderful one.

You are the funny, charming and skilled one.
You are the one to be admired and loved.

When you realise this is he will be fading away from your heart.

What’s there to hold on to?
He is nothing.

He gave you nothing.
It was all you all along.

Learning to love one self is actually the greatest gift you can get.

So give yourself that gift.
Then that monster you used to love and made him rule your life will be fade away.

That is when you can move on with your head up high.

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