Going No Contact Isn’t Weakness!

Narcissists always choose intelligent, warm, kindhearted, patient, forgiving, nurturing and talented targets.

Narcissist’s targets are not weak.

We are very strong to endure the pain and abuse that was thrown at us by The Narcissist.

Going no contact takes strength and enormous courage because unlike The Narcissist, we have emotions, time, resources and commitment invested in the so-called relationship.

Narcissists are not masters of anything that truly matters in life.

They maybe brilliant engineers but they know nothing about the human heart.

They maybe experts in the field of medicine but they know nothing about love and compassion.

They maybe brilliant scientists but they know nothing of the human condition.

I don’t care how intelligent anyone is or isn’t and I was never impressed by that.

I care about how a person treats another person because the only thing that matters is our soul.

Narcissists are cowards.

Throughout the relationship he treated us with his incessant silent treatments, blocking and unblocking madness which is born of a level of immaturity that can only be met by a four year old.

He taught us no contact in spurts and we learnt from the best.

For us to permanently go no contact stops the insanity and to be done it takes an enormous amount of self love, strength and courage.

Part of which is due to the fact that it goes against our very nature since we don’t normally go through life having to permanently cut people out.

While a relationship with A Narcissist is admittedly on his terms.

The ultimate end is on ours and it shows how well we paid attention to everything we learnt when we were left in silence.

The difference which is huge is that we don’t do it to hurt him but we do it to heal ourselves.

Our intelligence means absolutely nothing when dealing with A True Narcissist.

Nothing was rational in any true sense of the word.

I loved someone that I perceived to be an honest and a good man and he turned out to be a cruel twisted Abuser.

I have known my Narcissist for a short time.
We sent hundreds of messages back and forth, hundreds of thousands of words and he convinced me that we can talk about everything and that there are no lines to be crossed between us.

Until the Devalue phase started.

Opening our heart, our mind and our vulnerabilities to someone who was faking it isn’t weakness.

It’s because we have a wide range of emotions including love and compassion.

Narcissists are not masters of everything but they are masterful con artists until their mask slips.

They are manipulative and insidious in order to hoover their way back in our lives at a later stage after the discard only to continue the abuse.

Our intelligence tells us that going no contact is the only surefire way to remove ourselves from a highly toxic relationship.

It takes a great strength and courage.

It shows The Narcissist that we are done with him!

Going no contact by whatever means we must take is the only way for us to heal and move on.


  • Wow. Explained very well. Sharing it!

    • Thank you so much for reading it 🤗

      • It has helped me immensely.

  • No Contact is definitely not a sign of weakness. Quite the opposite. It takes a lot of courage and determination especially as some narcissists will try to sabotage our resolution to end contact.

    • I completely agree ,, it took a lot from me to put myself back on the right path. Even though some wounds might never heal but at least he can’t fool me anyone.

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