Goodbyes Are More Than Just The End.

I think we are all afraid of goodbyes.

I think we are all afraid of the permanence we attach to goodbyes.

I think we are all afraid that a goodbye will leave us lonely.

And most of all I think we are afraid of forgetting and of moving on.

But goodbyes are not as powerful as we think.

Not Everything Happens For A Reason.
But You Can Choose To Give A Meaning To Heartbreaks.

Goodbyes don’t have the power to erase what happened.

It doesn’t have the strength to wash away memories or to steal heart warming experiences.

Goodbyes are as powerful as we choose it to be.

Sometimes a hello can last for years. Sometimes people come and stay,
and become part of your life.

Sometimes people come and go.
They are just visitors in your story.
They come into your life for only a season and when the season changes it is time for them to go.

But during this very special season they were exactly what you needed.

Goodbyes are bittersweet.
Sometimes a goodbye means that your days may be filled with missing someone.

Sometimes a goodbye leaves your heart stinging and aching.

Sometimes a goodbye means nights filled with insomnia and a mind filled with wandering thoughts and what ifs.

And sometimes a goodbye means that you are lucky.

Sometimes it means that you parted ways with someone or something that was irreplaceably special.

Sometimes it means that your heart was touched by another in the most beautiful way.

Sometimes you have to say goodbye to a person who you thought you had more time with.

Sometimes you have to say goodbye to a place that you may never return to.

Sometimes you have to say goodbye to who you are at this very moment in time knowing that you will never be her again.

Goodbyes means it’s the end.
But it doesn’t end memories.

You will never forget the echoing belly laughs or the warm embracing hugs.

You will never forget the side smile or the feeling that you had when you met his eyes.

You will never forget the beautiful moments you spent at your family’s old beach house playing cards on the porch.

You will never forget how special that one person made you feel or how special you made that one person feel.

You will never forget the moments you loved or the moments you were loved.

Goodbyes sometimes means that it’s the end but the memories will always stay.

Feelings lasts forever.
Those loving enchanting moments will never end.

It is invincible.

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