Happy Birthday To You SY.

Today is your birthday.
If there is any day in the entire year that you will have over flowing Narcissistic Supply, today is it.

My heart reminded me that it is your birthday and I wish I could wish you a Happy Birthday.

I wish I can tell my heart that yes I know it is your birthday but no I can’t greet you.

You are soaking in all the adoration you are receiving today.

You will make an effort to like and comment on each greeting as if trying to forge a connection with people who only remembered you because social media reminded them so.

The only difference is that these people don’t know the real you.

They only know the you that you present to them.

The one wearing the mask.
The one that was funny, smart and always caring.

They don’t know the person behind the mask.
The Manipulative Pathological Liar Narcissist.

I do and that’s why you discarded me.
I know the man behind the mask.
I know who you really are and what you are capable of doing.

I wonder if these people knew the real you, how many of them would have really bothered greeting you with accolades.

But it really doesn’t matter.
I won’t begrudge you the one day in the year when you feel incredibly high from all the Narcissistic Supply you have amassed.

Bask in all the glory and all the attention.
After all that feeling will not last and in a few days you will be back in a funk.

You will be fishing again for accolades and praises from people.

I’m pretty sure you built enough Narcissistic Supply Base that will be a handful willing to provide you with all the praises you need on a day to day basis.

I‘m just glad that I‘m no longer one of them because now I know you.

I already felt that I knew you well when we were close however after realising what you really are, I realised that I didn’t know the real you then but now I do and you are so predictable.

You Are A Textbook Narcissist.
Everything you do falls into something A Narcissist would do.

I know that despite the many, many birthday greetings you will receive, in the back of your mind you will be expecting to see my name in a text.

You think that you know me well enough.
You will expect me to either text you, email you or call you.

And in that regard you are right.
I‘m that kind of a person.
I would have never let a day pass by without sending a birthday greeting to someone I had feelings for.

But since I can’t trust you that expectation of a birthday greeting doesn’t apply to you.

You are expecting a greeting from me, not because you genuinely want to know if I care enough to remember because you know that I remember and you know that I know.

So by not getting any text from me signifies that you no longer control me.

I wanted to believe that despite all the greetings you will receive, you will be waiting to receive one from me.

But if receiving one from me is important to you it’s not because I‘m important but because receiving one from me will signify that you still have a little control over me.

You are waiting for me to text you so that you can tell all your friends see she’s still obsessed with me.

You are waiting for me to text so you can ignore my greeting while replying to everyone else’s.

You are waiting for me to text so that you can feel that you still have the upper hand.

Well you will be waiting for a long time because this is just not going to happen in this lifetime.

You used to criticise me and tell me that I‘m predictable.

Well I practiced and I learnt.
I have been surprising you since the day you discarded me.

You have been expecting me to break down and beg for you to come back.

You are expecting me to at least send you a birthday greeting but sorry I aim to break all your expectations.

I‘m no longer your toy.
You are no longer allowed to play with my emotions.

So Happy Birthday my Narcissistic SY.
May you receive all The Narcissistic Supply you need today and I’m sure that you will.


  • Spot on 👍 & u are so pretty 😍

  • This is heartbreaking 💔 I will pray for your broken heart to heal.
    Talking from experience believe me it’s his loss not your ❤️

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