He Is Dangerously Weak!

A Narcissist is the weakest human imaginable.
The only power he has is that which is of a devious, false and exploitative nature.

He has no authentic power.
He uses underhanded tactics to ensnare his victims whom he can’t even love.

How weak is a person who can’t engage in the human language of love!

He knows he has lied and cheated his way into the bargain yet he is the one who feels cheated.

He now he has to destroy the evidence which is You.

He is a desperate, lying, conniving and sweating criminal which explains the constant explosion of bombs around you day and night.

You only think you are a part of this Dante’s Inferno.

War is not power ,, It’s weakness and that weakness is not yours.

All you have to do to be strong again is leave and shut the door.

The Narcissist is weak because that is what he is without some unwitting human to feed upon.

A Narcissist can’t handle any emotional confrontation, processing or expression outside of his agenda.

Anytime anything comes up that involves emotions that he won’t be able to handle, he will feel attacked and will have to run away.

He will deny to himself about why he’s running away and convince himself that it’s because he’s so bored and that shiny new object over there is going to solve all his problems.

Yet the reality is that you have actually touched a part of him that he’s too weak to look at.

He’s perpetually trapped in his own self-denial and escapism.

His ego is SO fragile that it literally will crack if he gets too close.

This original wound he has literally ruins his life.

The Narcissist is the definition of a weak person.
Just prod that original wound in the slightest that he hides it by the devaluation cycle.

At the end of the day you are dealing with a severely complex creature and as it is The Narcissist exudes raw hypnotic adorable trait.

There are Narcissists who had a potential to become spiritual but were not given unto universal Love so they washed up in the muck of small-minded cult mentalities and interpretations of what’s considered divine.

A Narcissist is very dangerous in his own way.

He develops a spiritual seed of divinity inside yet it becomes stunted and used to serve a lower man.

The Narcissist’s drive is egotistical, pleasure seeking, pain seeking and conquest.

He needs to be entertained, elevated in stature and stimulated in other ways.

A Narcissist who isn’t spiritual is the most dangerous kind of creatures.

He can hurt you in many different ways because he’s an animal in a human body with a human brain and humans are complex primates.

Just because he’s handsome, charming or friendly doesn’t mean that he’s benevolent.

One of the defining predatory skills of The Narcissist over other primates is his indefinitely complex intellectual ability to put on an act and allure adoration.

Other creatures will still exercise charm but are less dangerous than the most complex and evolved of all primates.

You don’t want to live with A Narcissist.
The most dangerously complex primate known to mankind who is capable of all forms of infiltration, conspiracy, charm and deception with nearly all native forms of multidimensional cannibalism.

The Narcissist will eat your assets, emotions, intellect, confidence and happiness.

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