He Is The Devil Incarnate.

Narcissism goes beyond mere self centred.
It goes beyond feeling special and it goes beyond feeling superior.

A Narcissist lacks the capacity for empathy and shame.

He also knows that this makes him different from others but he deeply prizes these critical differences and he holds those not like him in utter disdain.

Most of us have feelings for others and those with a conscience get squeamish about doing hurtful things.

Moreover most of us also possess certain weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

A Narcissist disdains all these qualities.
He sees it as signs of weakness and he sees it as proof of inferiority.

That’s what enables him to feel superior.
Narcissism is The Core of Psychopathy.

Narcissism lies at the very heart of psychopathy.
Psychopaths are nature’s only known intra-species predators.

Psychopaths represent the exception and it’s their Narcissism that permits such conduct.

Psychopaths callously, senselessly and remorselessly use and abuse others.

They prey on the sensitivities and vulnerabilities of others.

After all they see these things as weaknesses anyway moreover they see it as signs of inferiority.

In their mind this entitles them to prey.
So they prey without compunction on whom they view as inferior.

To them such conduct is like stepping on an ant.

Deception and Manipulation.
Psychopaths con and manipulate adeptly and mercilessly, moreover they can make sport of using and abusing.

They enjoy toying with people.
Naturally they find this easy because they simply don’t care.

Not all Manipulators are Psychopaths but most possess some of their features and Psychopaths are The Penultimate Manipulators.

There is a reason for everything and somethings just don’t make sense initially.

In the end when you grasp it you will end up sailing through and you have a lot of support in abundance.

You will also find from time to time that you get a black fly in your Chardonnay.

Just pluck it out, bless it for the experience and keep journeying.

You will soon realise the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train.

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