Him Leaving Is A New Beginning!

Him leaving tore you apart.
It hurts more than you imagined and you don’t know where to go from here.

He left you feeling like you did something wrong, like all the events that led to this moment are completely your fault.

You feel like you are not going to be able to move on, that you are going to be unlovable and stuck in your current situation.

Him leaving you despite it all was not a bad thing.

In fact it may have been a blessing in disguise.
Do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t really love you or doesn’t see all the good in you?

His leaving gave you an opportunity to find the one who is going to love you with so much love that you aren’t going to know what hit you.

He’s going to show you that the pain you are feeling now was worth it in the end.

It’s also going to give you time to focus on yourself and the things you want in life.

Take time and figure out the things that are important to you.

His leaving wasn’t the end of your world and I know that it feels like it.

However, it’s just an end of a chapter in your book of life.

You have to stop crying, stop waiting for him to come back to you and to make it right because chances are he isn’t going to.

He doesn’t deserve the tears you have been crying, he doesn’t deserve to go out and have fun with his friends while you are lying around on the couch sulking over him.

You have to get back out there, buy a new outfit, paint that gorgeous smile on your face and start enjoying your life again.

You only have one life to live and I promise you it’s time to start living it again.

One day soon it’s hoping to hit you that he did you a favour.

When he finally realises that he gave up on true love, someone else is already going to have started building you back up.

You will already be on the path of creating new memories with someone else so embrace the heartache.

I know it’s terrible but it makes you a stronger and a wiser woman.

Let yourself feel everything you need to heal and then move forward.

Tomorrow is always a new day and it’s your day.
So put on that smile that’s been missing.

You are beautiful so go out and show the world the happy woman we all know is in there.

I know it’s possible because not so long ago I was in that exact same place and that’s why I’m telling you that you will heal.

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