How Can A Narcissist Believe He’s Protecting Himself When Deliberately Abusing Others?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a mental disorder.

It is a mental illness that causes distorted perception.

One of the biggest problems with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is that Narcissists can seem very normal and functional for a very long time.

Even Abused Victims find it hard to remember or understand that he is mentally ill.

A Narcissist is pathologically self centred.
He feels like he is the centre of the universe.

We all have this feeling to an extent but A Narcissist is pathological.

He doesn’t understand that not everything is connected to him.

He has the feeling that everything happens because of him or for him.

This includes things that offends him.
A Narcissist is always angry.
There is always a cloud of rage bubbling under the surface.

Even when he is in a good mood, if you pay close attention you will notice that there’s always a subtle feeling of anger being expressed.

He doesn’t understand or want to acknowledge this rage.

He subconsciously looks for explanations.
A Narcissist projects his feelings onto others.

We all project at a certain level but A Narcissist projects at a pathological level.

Because of his pathological self centred essence, he doesn’t understand that other people have independent thoughts and feelings.

He projects his own feelings onto other people to fill the gaps.

He believe that you are the one who is angry and projects his rage onto you.

To A Narcissist feelings are facts.

If he feels like you are trying to hurt him then it becomes a fact in his mind.

His feelings determines reality.
And his feelings are severely affected by his distorted perception.

The Narcissist always perceives direct insult, vile and anger being directed at him.

He feels attacked then this feelings becomes a fact.

He can’t question it but he knows that this has been done to him in his mind.

His anger is projected onto the situation.
He doesn’t know where else he can direct the anger that is constantly pushing him from the inside.

When you react by becoming defensive and angry, he projects his rage onto you and see confirmation that you are the angry, vindictive person he perceives.

He feels even more attacked by this extremely angry person that is attacking him for no reason.

He isn’t attacking an innocent person.
He is defending himself from an angry, vindictive and abusive person.

A Narcissist lie continuously and believe his own lies.

He doesn’t acknowledge his abuse to others.
He always justifies it no matter how twisted it is even when the truth is too obvious.

He only sees what he wants to see.
He feels victimised all the time and expects respect from everyone even when he is behaving abominably.

It is his feeling of entitlement.
He thinks the world owes him.
He thinks he is the greatest person in this world.

A Narcissist believes the justification for his abuse to other people because to him people are there to be used, abused and tossed out.

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