How Can The Beautiful Moments With A Narcissist All Be A Lie?

A Narcissist isn’t capable of actual real love but only simulated, acted and fake love.

His whole personality is a fiction and acted.
His true self where love comes from is cordoned off, inaccessible, atrophying, derelict and not for use.

His oversized ego is a compensation, a barrier and a cover up.

An effort to fit into society and pretend to be a real human.

But it’s a simulation.
He is an actor, he’s not just lying but rather he’s a walking lie and he embodies his lie.

He’s a lie.
He’s not capable of love.
It’s a simulation.
It’s like asking if your computer care or understands you?

It’s simply not capable of such things.
It maybe able to output some text which gives you the impression that it cares or understands but it would just be a detached logical algorithm or some other logic which enabled it through one method or another to output some text which gave you that impression.

If you thought it cared or understood you would be fooled because it’s just some logic carried out which gives you that impression.

All this does suggest the flip:
What is it that makes actual proper humans’ love or care?

Is it different, presumably but how?

It starts to suggest a line of enquiry into humanness and life?

That’s what it seems to do to me and I think there lies an actual positive point about Narcissists because of their broken humanness, it might start to shine light on what humanness really is.

Maybe loads of people already know but I don’t think so at least it’s not clear to me.

Not in a more scientific or actual reality way rather than just emotional words.

What is A Narcissist actually cut off from or what is it that we actually have access to?

A Narcissist lacks a type of energy and that’s what he leeches off you so it fits.

He loves what you can do for him but he doesn’t love you.

He doesn’t love anyone not even himself.
He creates a fantasy world for himself and you unfortunately are in it until he finds something better.

He enjoyed what he can get from your emotion as a reinforcement of his fantasy.

The Victim is simply a pawn in The Narcissist’s game of life.

Narcissists require drama in order to fuel their grandiosity.

The Victim provides this fuel by reacting to The Narcissist’s meaningless jabs and wounds.

By putting The Victim on the defensive mode so The Narcissist gains control over the outcome.

His remarks are meant to distract you from the real issues at hand.

Victims must realise that no good can come from A Narcissist’s bullying, degrading or distorting agenda.

You will feel diminished because this is the aim of The Narcissist.

Once diminished you become malleable and easily open to persuasion.

Good people embrace humility as a virtue.
Narcissists provoke your sense of decency by triggering your sense of humility.

Laughing at your need to feel benevolent, The Narcissist continues to feed off your timidity.
There are no roses to smell at the end of this scenario.

It’s simply a matter of time before your soul becomes a possession to The Abuser.

The Narcissist will own you despite all your heartaches and heartbreaks .

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