How Did I Break Free From The Narcissist Hold?

The only way was to go no contact.

I’m not going lie and say it was easy because it wasn’t and I went through hell at times.

I second guessed myself a lot but in the end I realised that I was better than what he tried to make me think.

I finally realised that he not only doesn’t give a crap about me but more than likely is enjoying it most when I’m in pain and suffering.

Once I realised that I fell for someone who can’t love anyone at all and is actually enjoying killing me slowly through means of torture, I knew that there is nothing I can do and if I didn’t break free now he will completely destroy me.

I only served one purpose and that for him to feed on my life force just like a vampire.

I came to terms with the fact that I was in love with a Predator who can’t possibly love me or anyone else.

It felt like a giant cactus will be safer to hug than loving A Narcissist.

Then I asked myself how much is too much?

He lies, laughs at my pain and thinks I’m worthless.

He thought I was weak and not strong enough to stand up for myself.

Then I picked myself up and took one day at a time.

I didn’t look back and now I don’t have any regrets.

With a lot of effort and determination I was able to do it.

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  • Wow this is amazing
    Thank you so much.

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