How Did The Narcissist Get Your Mind In A Trance?

A Narcissist gets to know you on a deep level that you can’t even notice yourself telling him.

The gentle timidness of him searching for ever lasting love and learning about you.

He is love bombing you with your fears, dreams, your hopes and codependency traits he has seen from others many times before.

He mirrors you and give you yourself to love.
Reaction type expected and timing of words is planned well.

This is not a new thing for him and easily done for a complete heady emotional thrill.

This is life for a few months or a few years with minor gaslighting.

Then it starts to become more obvious and directly insulting.

More love bombing then punishment not understood with lengthy silent treatments following to induce fears of loss wondering what happened.

Gentle negative insults to see how you react then blaming you for your reactions.

Less time to date on weekends, less chats during the week and negative outbursts become more frequent.

The devaluation has set in.
You notice abrupt change and hopes this is just bad days in The Narcissist’s life and all the sweetness of who you thought he was would be back.

The love bombing picks up for a week and abruptly stops again.

This time the silent treatment is longer and the discard is done.

A Narcissist has the power to compel the mind.
This is why so many innocent people get blindsided from the discard.

You never see it coming.
A Narcissist knows how to get The Innocent Victim to give, give and give while he takes, takes and takes.

The Narcissist sees all of your good qualities to love and care as a weakness and will play on it.

Both The Narcissist and The Empath can be codependents when in relationships.

The only difference is that The Narcissist is broken and can’t be healed while as An Empath you can be broken into a thousand pieces but you are strong enough to rebuild yourself over time unlike The Narcissist.

As An Empath you don’t have to compel the minds of others just to get someone to like or to love you.

As An Empath you possess enough love within yourself no matter how badly broken you are.

The love that you hold within yourself shines the most brightest light that The Narcissist can see which is why he gravitates towards you.

Not just A Narcissist tends to gravitate towards An Empath but everyone does because there’s just something about you that no one can’t quite put their hands on, as to why everyone feel comfortable talking to you or just simply being around you.

A Narcissist hates Empaths because you are unbreakable and will continue to hold love within yourself no matter how much damage The Narcissist does to you.

As A True Empath you will never become a full blown Narcissist because of your experience and you will never become A Half Narcissist and A Half Empath.

There are no if’s or maybe’s and you never pretend to be someone other than yourself because it wouldn’t align with your spirit and your spirit would be bothered or disturbed if you are trying to pretend to be something you are not.

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