How Do Narcissists Self Sabotage?

Narcissists like to control those around them to the point of singling out those who tend to think independently.

It’s also part of the thrill of The Narcissist to harm others psychologically by means of creating a reality about their target.

Narcissists get so hung up on power and control that they don’t know when to stop.

Their intended victim could be gaining too much ground of their own which puts The Narcissist in an overdrive.

They become so consumed with being above others and they see themselves as so overly popular that they forget some of their own lies.

They always behave as if their fences don’t stink and they forget to clean up.

This is when they get stupid and sloppy.
Unfortunately for those helping The Narcissist in their evil endeavour are just usable things and often thrown under the bus by The Narcissist.

This is when the loyalty to The Narcissist dies and he finally get caught.

It’s a downward spiral that happens so fast that the intended target is often left to believe that it’s just another trick.

You can explain to people all you want about how The Narcissist will leave them hanging but they won’t believe you.

At this point those who helped The Narcissist demonise the victim will actually turn to the victim for help.

It’s best not to help them though because after all is said and done they will return to The Narcissist and the adventure continues.

Narcissists self sabotage easily, naturally and effortlessly because:

They take their feelings for facts.
They are irrational, moody and unstable so their facts change from a moment to moment and are therefore unable to make rational decisions with a predictable outcome.

They are delusional.
They reject the reality they don’t like and try to mold it into something they like.

A rational person faces the reality and deals with it as it is.

Narcissists can’t and don’t want to so they blame others for their failure to make good decisions and get stuck in a vicious circle.

Nobody can make good decisions without objectively seeing reality for what it is.

They lie.
They shamelessly lie to themselves and others and never admit that they are wrong.

That prevents learning and results in self-sabotage.

They don’t understand people and never get to know their motivation and behaviour.
Narcissists simply react to the crazy stuff in their own head so they can’t interact with others on equal footing.

There is no level ground, no rational rules, no rational communication or understanding between them and others.

There is no give and take.
No sense of direction.
Narcissists don’t know where they stand with others.

They are constantly trying to position themselves well but are never sure where they are.

They just hang in thin air and sniff for clues and are so busy doing it that they get lost.

Nothing gets done with purpose and planning, just a reactive life.

That’s self-sabotage.

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