How Do You Deal With The Pain Of Seeing Him With A New Supply?

By realising that the  person you loved and seemed so right for you never existed.

It was an act, a facade, a mask.

No emotional bonding, no empathy for you or others, incapable of loving even himself.

Just a hollow shell of a person with nothing of substance to offer anyone.

You were in love with a lie.

I know it is hard.
The withdrawal from the Narcissist is excruciating to the point that there will be days where you cry your eyes out and even vomit because your body will automatically reject the food.

Resist feeling sorry for yourself.
Get out of bed at dawn, put on your running shoes and run around the block.
Smile even if you have to fake it.

Turn your pain into power by rediscovering your hobbies.
In times of trauma, most people find comfort in expressing themselves through art.

Write it all down and turn your pain into a masterpiece.

Remind yourself over and over like a mantra that his new supply is nothing but an illusion.
Its all fake love.

No matter how hard he tries to parade his new relationship, you can bask into the comfort that it was never real.

As cliched as it may seem, being discarded is indeed a gift.

Pain is a normal response if you compare yourself unfavourably with the Narcissist’s new supply.

But, why should you compare yourself at all?

In fact, you should feel sad for the new supply knowing what he probably has in store for her, while you on the other hand will be reaping the benefits of a healthier and a happier you.

Selecting the appropriate response is about making the distinction between what you lost and what you gained from the breakup.

You gained your sanity.
You gained your peace of mind.
You restored your self esteem.
You learnt not to be a Narcissist ‘s doormat.

Do not be sad about losing a toxic person.
Take notes to remind yourself what to avoid in your next relationship.

Be wiser, stronger and more informed.
Help others who you suspect may be vulnerable to abuse.

Redefine yourself as a survivor.
Codependent no more ought to be your new mantra.

And then, start your life over, knowing that he did you a favour by moving on without you.

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