How Does A Narcissist Choose His Prey?!

Are all Narcissists predators?
Anyone who believes he has the right to consume excess glory which is a vital balancing force towards bringing collective happiness is A Predator.

If you are unfairly consuming available energy required to be shared for other people’s sustenance then you are consuming opportunities designated for another soul.

That makes you a predator.

Types of energy Narcissists may cannibalise could be time, leisure, prestige, blessings, compliments, clout, reputation, attention, podiums and advertising.

If your gluttony is detracting from other people’s energy then you are starving people of resources.

It doesn’t matter how you reword it or how much you loathe, sulk and fish for compliments.

When you are experiencing an over abundance of confidence or energy by detracting from another person then you have preyed on him.

The Narcissist is therefore not suffering from low self esteem although his self esteem maybe unhealthy.

An obese person is not suffering from food starvation although he is suffering from nutrition starvation.

• A Narcissist doesn’t have low self esteem as is commonly prescribed but he is desperate to consume more than his fair share.

• A Narcissist is suffering from a gratitude deficiency not an esteem deficiency.

Categories of Vulnerability.
Like all predators, the best prey will fit within categories either simultaneously or in differing combinations.

The Blind Prey.
The blind prey is unable to conceive of exploitation when it occurs, such as the mentally disabled.

A Predator will typically use grooming, positions of care taking and isolation to gain access to the victim.

The Naive Prey.
The naive prey will be unable to recognise the presence of evil when it appears in any of its guises or exhibitions.

A Predator may use kindness, amusement or other disguises to mask his hidden agenda.

The Unassuming Prey.
The unassuming prey is taught to infuse hope and respect towards the requests of another person.

A Predator may use denial, projection, guilt, pyrotechnics or forgiveness to prolong the charade.

The Desperate Prey.
The desperate prey will settle for less than she deserves in order to meet some needs.

A Predator will provide typically some fulfillments using love bombing, intermittent generosity, pyrotechnics, charm and reverse supply to take more than he will give.

The Suicidal Prey.
The suicidal prey will embrace a predator full on, trading her life for a brief dose of excitement.

A Predator will enter into the situation using any of its techniques to provide the illusion of joy for the suicidal prey before having his way with her.

The Bullseye Prey.
The victim of prejudice will be targeted by A Narcissist for some larger spiritual agenda whether The Narcissist belongs to an occult faction, a competing business or a hired mission the act is executed within a mindset of bigoted premeditation.

The Masochistic Prey.
The masochistic prey will choose an abuser for the purpose of being abused.

A Predator will enter into the situation to have his way with the prey.

The Sadistic Prey.
The sadistic prey will choose an abuser in order to abuse him.

A Predator will play mind games and enter into a dynamic with a rivalling exchange either knowingly or unbeknownst.

The battle will end either through mutual surrender or one party exploiting more than the other.

The Narcissist frequently doesn’t care who he is targeting, though his strategy will change based upon the availability or some other concurrent agendas.

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