How Does A Narcissist Create A Mental Grip On So Many Victims?!

Victims are fragile and they get treated differently because they haven’t set their boundaries from the beginning.

Abuse is always confusing and it stains the brain.

The mental grip starts from the victim’s side and it remains there even when The Abuser has already moved on

One just needs to understand that A Narcissist is a con artist and a fraudster who has been practicing and honing his art since early childhood.

He is absolutely dependent on securing Narcissistic Supply on a constant basis.
Moreover he isn’t constrained by the emotional regulators of a normal range person such as remorse, guilt, empathy or love so there are no societal rules that applies to him.

He does it with a careful concoction of,
Charm and flattery;
Remember this is what he desperately needs back.

He knows how important it is and he knows what type of flattery is the best so he is very good at flattering his victims when he needs to.
Whereby he gleans from his targets what the target is interested in and then claims to like it too.

Lack of object constancy;
It goes hand in hand with mirroring.

Manipulation and Mind Games;
He is very manipulative and will play mind games with individuals and groups to ensure his position within that group.

Where he pits two people off against each other then each is dying for his attention.

Fake Persona;

He protects his real self because his life depends on it so he hides behind many layers of defence such as grandiosity, never admitting fault and blame shifting.

The Rollercoaster Ride;
The tide of playing hot and cold with his victims is very effective at trauma bonding them into Cognitive Dissonance.

The way I see it is whatever job you do, do it repeatedly and you will get really good at it.

Do it with passion and you will be an expert in no time.

Controlling and manipulating people for Narcissistic Supply IS The Narcissism most important profession.

It’s understandable why he is in a class of his own.

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