How Narcissists Get Burnt!

Narcissists chronically underestimates everyone.

They have their world view and little can be done to change it.

Due to their gigantic ego they are incredibly unforgiving and they will never forget a narcissistic injury ever!

They are vindictive and emotionally sadistic vampires.

They get away with so much damage they cause in the world.

Overt Narcissists get away with it because people fear them, Covert Narcissists get away with it because it’s incredibly hard to prove the damage that they do.

They often get burnt by those who they have victimised behind their backs when those victims are made aware that they have been victimised by The Narcissist.

They often get burnt by victims they have underestimated their ability to stand up to them or they have over estimated how much power and control they have over that victim.

They often get burnt by victims who would have just walked away but The Narcissist refused to give up trying to further victimise, control, punish, use, manipulate, humiliate or destroy them.

Narcissists most often get burnt by their own doings.

Getting back at The Narcissist may not be worth the effort because you will be starting a never ending war that will destroy you further.

This is the general view and in most cases victims who suffered Narcissistic Abuse will advise you to just run and never look back.

Before attempting to get back at A Narcissist, the best you can do is educate yourself, find out why you ended up with one in the first place.

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