How Narcissists Revenge?

They have endless cruel ways and techniques to get revenge.

Smear Campaign.
They will go out of their way to make you look bad and sound like the crazy one.

It is a game for them so they may use triangulation to cause jealously which naturally can drive anyone crazy.

This is One way the Narcissist could seek revenge but don’t be fooled they can wait for years to get revenge.

They will ruin your reputation to anyone you both know.

They will say that you are abusive and unstable.

They will instigate you into defending yourself and then use that behaviour by removing what they did to you first then make you look crazy.

If you are still in contact with them they will play on your fears and press your buttons, driving your confidence into the ground.

Narcissists also get revenge by doing anything that they know would really HURT you.

Whatever it takes to DESTROY you.

They will play MIND GAMES to teach you a lesson.

They have so much HATE, ANGER and JEALOUSY coursing through their veins with a sick desire to get even with you for whatever they feel you did wrong.

This drives them crazy because they have to win at all costs.

So if you do anything to ANGER them, they will take it SERIOUSLY and they will react WITHOUT thinking.

At this moment they are IMBALANCED and VERY DANGEROUS.

They only have one thing on their mind and that is REVENGE.

Their mission will be to take you down as you are now the ENEMY and you must be taught a lesson for going against them.

Whatever you did will be nothing compared to what they have in store for you.

They will turn around and use projection to make you seem like the crazy one.

They are full of LIES and MANIPULATION and you won’t be able to win against them so the best thing to do is to just WALK AWAY.

They are CRAZY MAKERS who believe their own lies while trying to make a fool of you.

They will be expecting to enrage you so try to stay calm and in control because they want you to drop to their level.

So don’t give them what they want.

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