How Narcissists Ruins Lives..

He made me believe there is hope.
He did just enough to make me think he cared.

His evil is insidious and runs under the radar so everyone was on his side telling me how great The Narcissist is.

He spitted on me with a smile on his face telling me that it was only a joke.

Somehow I was never heard but it was never him it was me.

He did this to make sure I can’t leave easy.
He made it hard for me to leave, all the while tearing down my self esteem, ruining my friendships and ruining my reputation with snide comments to others.

All the while seeming to be doing it all because he loves me so much.

Everyone has to know that just because someone likes to look in the mirror doesn’t make him A Narcissist.

Just because someone is selfish doesn’t make him A Narcissist.

A Narcissist is a very nasty brand of evil.

No matter what I did I was never able to change him.

He doesn’t care about me or anyone else, he only cares about what anyone can do for his image.

Do I make him look good?
Do I worship him?

But whenever I needed support, love or attention he used to flip.

A Narcissist can have you contemplating suicide or turn you into an alcoholic because you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s how Narcissists ruins lives.

He is an ugly evil person that sometimes seems like a great one to those who aren’t too close.

It makes The Victim insane and The Narcissist couldn’t care less.

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