How To Take Care Of Yourself?

How should you take care of yourself after being flung from Narcissist Carousel of Pain.

This is a very complex time and energy consuming process.

And the best place to start is at the beginning.

At this point you have suffered tremendous neglect from The Narcissist.

You have taken more of a beating internally than you realise.

Now you have to start looking after yourself, you will have to,

Start eating again.
Don’t be surprised if you don’t have much of an appetite and feel like you are force feeding yourself.

In the beginning that’s exactly what you will have to do.

Your lack of appetite is the result of tremendous stress.

But it can have lasting detrimental effects to your health if you don’t act to correct this. Time won’t do this on it’s own.

Make sure you get plenty of rest.
Your body repairs itself when you sleep not while you are awake.

Sleep is important ,, the right kind of sleep.

• Create a daily schedule for yourself to keep your mind and body active and busy.
Find a hobby that requires attention to detail but that is also relaxing to fill in gaps.

• Try to exercise if your physical health allows it.

Find a support group.
These are hugely beneficial.

Taking care of yourself also means identifying what is going on inside of you that got you ensnared with A Narcissist so you can work to repair that damage in yourself.

For most people it’s hidden or unknown co-dependency.

We don’t view ourselves this way because like Narcissism the name is misleading.
It will also help you identify the damage caused by this so you can begin to heal it.

Be kind to yourself.
Don’t be your own afterthought or last on the list of your day to day priorities.

Acknowledge that while you have responsibilities to others, you equally have it to yourself.

Your needs must be met and are just as important as everyone else’s.

You are important and You DO matter.

• Stop putting yourself down and blaming yourself for other people’s bad behaviour.

It is NOT a reflection of you.
It is a reflection of them.

It is not your failure that caused his bad behaviour it was caused because he chose it.

You will have to keep reminding yourself of this a lot in the beginning.

Over time you won’t need to remind yourself as often.

Be social.

Be pleasant.
Start reconnecting with the real you.

• Respect yourself, your thoughts and your feelings.

If you don’t like something there’s a reason for it.

The only person that needs to understand it is you.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for it.

• Every day find one good quality in yourself.
And learn to love yourself for it.
And when you start feeling better about just being you keep doing it.

• Give yourself the very best of you.
Healing takes time, patience and effort.

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