How To Manipulate The Manipulator?!

First get really good at understanding the game they are playing.

Then, if you still wish to play, go along with it.

Get closer to them and nudge them in the direction you want them to move to.

Beware of being sucked in or corrupted.

Also watch how other, less manipulated people view you.

In manipulating others including manipulators, you can lose the trust of better people.

In my experience people who manipulate do it because they get a certain reaction.

The best way to stop the manipulation is to make the choice to not be affected by it.

Dismantle the buttons they love to push.

When you recognise you are being manipulated make a conscious decision not react in the usual way.

Trying to out-manipulate someone only drags you down.

Ask yourself what you really want?

Do you want to beat them at their own game or do you want the manipulation to stop?

If it is a power struggle you are looking for, that is one thing.

But if you are looking for peace try to find a strategy that will give you peace and not suck you into the game the other person is playing.

You have a choice in how you allow other people to affect you.

I happened to love a Master Manipulator.

From recalling how he used to manipulate me and reading about manipulation to educate myself, if you want to be good at it, you should,

1. Learn the patterns of the manipulators, everything about it, body language, micro-expressions, repetitive habits, his behaviour before and after certain events or circumstances.

2. Understand the needs of the manipulator.

3. Identify the vulnerabilities around those needs.

4. Identify the covered vulnerabilities, those hidden that have to do with profound insecurities.

5. Use the above in order to get what you want, but know yourself first, know how far you can go, what are your limits, why do you want to do it and for how long can you do it?

6. In the process, do your best to be your usual self.

7. Deceive by not showing what you know about the manipulator, make him believe he has you at his fingertips, then strike.

8. Let him fool himself by believing that he fooled you.

9. Let him be cocky and pretend you are affected.

10. Cut off your emotions or allow only those that serves you, Learn to be steel and still inside.

If you are genuinely a good person, you won’t be able to manipulate anyone simply because you don’t have it in you.

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