How To Move On With Your Life After A Draining Narcissistic Abuse Experience?!!

I had a need to understand what was going on before and after it ended.

You can and you will heal.
It will take time and that’s ok.

You will have to go through long trials that will seem like it will never end but you will come out better and much stronger than ever.

Miracles shall happen and you will gain a lot after each trial.

A Narcissist is a part of the worldwide reptilian consciousness.

He lives in the reptilian brain and in the fourth dimension where the spirits inhabit and guide him are referred to as demons.

You must treat your wounds in the same way you will treat a snake bite.

The exception here is that the reptilian consciousness has taken the shape of a human.

I‘m not calling him a shapeshifter but The Narcissist is a member of the lower reptilian demon spirit(s).

A Snake uses venom but demonic people use the liquid waves of words to cast spells.

The waves he releases using communication are used to infect your brain by vibrating and manifesting into diseased thoughts which creates suffering.

He also uses images and other forms of communication.

The waves of this communication enters our sensory units through our senses.

The many chemicals and messages are designed to either entice us, trivialise us or harm us.

The infection will permeate as long as you believe him but once you understand that a rebel is a liar and liars lie about lying or having malicious skewed intent then you will be able to drain the poisonous fluid.

We are all going to be destroyed at some point.
We can overcome this destruction piece by piece by connecting with God.

As time progresses, the demonic worldwide hive will hurl temptations, seductions, lies and all forms of fear at us.

• The devil is coming for every last single loving individual because the devil doesn’t inhabit his body.

• To him you are nothing but prey.
A source of energy to be subdued and/or consumed.

The way a demon rules this planet is by subduing non-demons using lies, slander, abuse, theft and if it comes down to it he will use spiritual murder through hatred and ostracism.

Many will even resort to physical murder as Chris Watts and Scott Peterson murder cases.

The energy he puts into our brain via hurtful words, slander, social media and silent treatment exploits unreliabilities, sufferings and fear are all different forms of venom.

Venom is designed for a dual-purpose.
• Nectar: Pleasure or allure.
• Poison: Pain or paralysis.

What you will have to realise is that The Narcissist is using rebellion to break the law, rules he has set forth, you we have set forth, the commandments that God has set forth to using you for energy.

At the beginning The Narcissist dopes you up with sweet nothings which is a form of nectar venom designed to attract you.

Then soon enough he will begin releasing paralysis poison along with poison inflicted to instil pain or even to cause death.

Many Narcissists will try to slander you to have you destroyed, to steal your identity and credibility or even to have you executed, imprisoned and if at all possible to coerce you into suicide.

Remember that a rebel who loves to break the rules for his own benefit is going to have no problem telling you lies and breaking your own boundaries.

He abuses reality by breaking the rules and then he abuses his victims by inverting the truth using lies by rebelling against the truth which is another form breaking the rules.

Ultimately there are going to be multiple realms that needs to be addressed in order to regain balance and control over your rightful life purpose.

Remedy The Poison.
Get rid of your cravings for the nectar or at least recognise it as a form of venom like heroin.

Get rid of your fear of the poison or at least make little steps day by day to transform the pain into an understanding of it’s purposeful rebellious intent while alchemizing it into creativity.

Confront The Internal Injuries.
Deal with trauma and get on social security or at least apply for it.

Find benefits and get in touch with charities or create your own.

Take time to relax, meditate and heal no matter how long it will take.

Overcome The Witchcraft.
Understand the predator’s game and recognise that you were purposefully assaulted.

Break out of the matrix of Narcissistic Media Programming and find people who know the real pain and the real struggle.

Fix What Was Lost.
Get your life back to how it was before you meet The Narcissist.

Find God’s Protection.
Pray, get wiser and have faith.

Look for the true place of real believers depending on your religion.

You need protection and connection to wiser people who are not sitting around perversely lusting after you or wanting to use you.

You will need to find people who aren’t going to trash talk you, pervert your perspective of yourself or destroy you.

Pray, create companies and movements to stop this abuse from happening and don’t be a coward.

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