How To Stop Being A Victim?!

Now that I can look back in hindsight, I’m able to come up with somethings I would do differently when dealing with A Narcissist.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you survive while still in this toxic environment with A Narcissist.

Narcissists Are Cowards:
A Narcissist will portray himself as the greatest person to be born and he really believes it.

But under all that pretension lies a person who is insecure and suffers from a severe inferiority complex.

Like a bully the moment you stop being afraid and stand up to him, The Narcissist will cower down and move away.

Not being afraid even if you have to pretend you are not plus standing up to him will change the dynamics of how you interact with your Narcissist.

No Amount Of Reasoning Works:
Don’t waste your time trying.
With absolute certainty I’m telling you that there is no reasoning with A Narcissist.

This is because he thinks and believes he is right.
Don’t waste your time and energy trying to reason with him.

In cases where there are confrontations, back away and stop the conversation.

Silence is not always a sign of fear it’s also an act of defiance against A Narcissist and when you defy him without reacting to his ridiculous antics, it irritates him so take the power away from him.

Ignore The Tantrums:
Throwing tantrums is one of the most common and often effective ways for A Narcissist to get his way.

Remember that’s his agenda is ,, his way or the highway so ignore it and don’t give it any credence.

Always Stand Your Ground:
A Narcissist likes to prey on people who have low self worth or those who express the need to be loved or validated.

This is where setting boundaries comes into play.
He doesn’t respect anyone else’s boundaries.

So it is essential that you first find yourself, what you like, don’t like, what you will allow and what is an absolute no-no.

Once you have that set you will be much better equipped to put your foot down when he demands for more.

Watch Out For Manipulation:
A Narcissist is a master manipulator and can charm anyone.

That’s what makes him so dangerous therefore make sure you look out for signs of manipulations and side step him like a landmine.

Some common techniques that are used is making you feel guilty for his mistakes, making you feel like you are wrong when you know you are absolutely right, belittling you and emotionally guilt-tripping you.

Careful What Your Body Language Says:
Your body language speaks volumes about what you are feeling and thinking.

One of the best ways to handle A Narcissist is to stand up to him ,, quite literally.

When you talk to him make sure you stand upright, look straight into his eyes and emit a sense of strength.

Don’t look down or away no matter what.

Don’t React:
Aggression is not the best tool to use with A Narcissist because everything is a competition and he has to win at all costs.

So in the face of a confrontation remain low-key, respond with a calm yet strong voice and don’t yell.

He will soon realise that you are not giving his words any credence and will stop yelling.

Don’t have an immediate reaction and take your time to think of an appropriate response.

Ignore The Criticism:
For a person with this disorder making you feel bad about yourself is a way for him to feel superior and that feeling is something he lives every moment of his life to achieve.

He wants you to feel like insignificant so don’t believe him.

Find what you love about yourself and what makes you beautiful, wonderful and worth a lot more than what this person is telling you.

Forget About Logic:
It doesn’t exists in A Narcissist’s world.
He seems delusional at times.

This is because he has that undying need to be the best and right at all times.

So to make that fact true at least in his head he tends to twist facts and make up scenarios to suit his belief.

So instead of trying to look for logic, use the lack of it to your benefit.

Instead of trying to find out why and how something was done, try to think about what could have logically prompted him to take the step he took.

Once you have found the root use that weakness against him.

Don’t Emulate Their Actions:
Narcissists lack empathy and the ability to show compassion.

Apart from that his traits often become something you end up living with for an extremely large part of your day.

This can rub off on you too and you may start to emulate his actions and justify it in your mind.

This is common and extremely normal.

After all your mind is being broken down bit-by-bit on a daily basis by a man who knows exactly what he is doing.

Read Up On The Condition:
Knowing about your opponent is the first rule of war.

He is your opponent, albeit he was someone you allowed entry into your world so treat him like one.

Read up on Narcissism and talk to people who have been through a similar experience.

Get all your facts right and you will know exactly how to deal with him.

Don’t Feel Sorry For Them:
It is very common to feel sorry for him.
To think that after all it is an ailment and that you shouldn’t leave when he is sick.

But know that this is a dangerous situation to be in because most Narcissists can never be healed and most importantly he will never accept that there is anything wrong with him.

Don’t feel sorry for him.
A Narcissist is manipulative and extremely smart who know exactly what he is doing.

His actions gives him pleasure, happiness and validation.

Don’t stick around to see how this ends.
A Narcissist can quickly become extremely violent and it can be very dangerous to your life.

Apart from that A Narcissist will break you down emotionally and physically to such an extent that you won’t recognise the woman who went in thinking of a happily ever after.

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