How Would A Narcissist Use His Power Of Deception?!

The Narcissist uses many manipulative tactics to cover his deception.

When he is love bombing you literally feel as high as you ever will and once he has got you hooked he withdraws.

All along you are kept emotionally off balance and in a state of confusion.

He would probably pop in a few light reassuring comments short after but the key here is that he would be with another woman whilst devaluing you.

These above tactics keeps you from seeing or being more aware of his actions and deceptions.

Life with him was almost like love you hard but hate you harder ,, Slap you in the face then hug you afterwards.

Basically your emotional, physical and spiritual self is all over the place and to see anything clearly is so tough with or without a blindfold.

He is a skilled manipulator and he uses shame, fear, abandonment and literally any weakness he can extract from you to keep you under his control whilst he seeks a further supply.

Deception at its finest.

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