I Call It A Spiritual Attack!

Narcissists Abuse is a spiritual attack and nothing less.

It destroys who you are by shaking your belief in yourself and crushing your sense of self worth and well being.

Narcissists cut you to your core, beat you down totally, convince you your worthless, break your heart and spirit repeatedly, all under the guise of a love.

You don’t expect someone who say they love you to intentionally hurt you.

By striking at your core self undermining your sense of self worth and spiritually draining your life forces away.

You don’t expect someone who is supposed to have your best interest at heart to stab you in the heart mercilessly.

Telling you it’s not working and it’s your fault, that you are not good enough and with your every effort raise the bar higher sinking you lower.

You don’t expect the love of your life to be your worst enemy.

Cutting you down, belittling and shaming you and keep convince you that you are worthless.

You don’t expect that when you go to your lover and tell them how they hurt you, to have that information used againest you to hurt you even more next time.

You don’t expect them to break every single promise, every person on the planet is treated better than you and you have been cheated on countless times.

You don’t expect to be controlled by anger but you wake up one day in a box doing exactly what The Narcissist wants you to and you are still getting yelled at and belittled.

You don’t expect being waiting on the back burner and never getting off, finding out your just too low of a priority and don’t really count.

You dont expect your ability to experience joy to disappear when you just wake up one day and you feel dead inside.

You keep hoping someday it will all come back and you won’t heal until you realise that it was a brutal lie.

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