I Deserved To Know The Truth.

The only thing I ever wanted was to know that I was worth the truth.

My heart has been beaten, broken and trampled on before.

I know the pain of heartache too well.

The thing about heartbreak is that my heart can heal from the pain.

I know how to move on and I could have handle the truth.

You deserve the consequences of what you have done and lying didn’t wipe away the truth.

The truth is that destroying my trust could have seriously damaged my soul.

When the truth was discovered it destroyed me more than it could if you have just given it to me but I guess that was your purpose from the start.

I became overly cautious and my heart became guarded.

It is hard for me to love again.
To even fall in love with someone who would never do anything to hurt me.

I believed in your lies and hiding the truth from me has given me a false perception of true love.

Please know that you have caused more damage than necessary.

Emotionally damaging someone is more destructive than breaking of one’s heart.

It will leave an invisible scar forever.
You will have to live with the burden of hurting someone who was innocently in love with you and did nothing to deserve what you did.

I know that my words will never affect you because you are a coward with no conscious.

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