I Didn’t Lose Much I Only Lost You.

You chose the sweetest words to get into my heart and by the most poisonous actions you tried to break it.

I’m not going to forgive you.
I almost lost my life on you.
I lost my health, I lost my mind and I was about to go crazy because of you.

I don’t hate you.
I know I have reasons to but I don’t.

I have been through hell because of you.
I was wounded but you didn’t break me.
You don’t own that kind of power.

And please don’t ever feel sorry for me.
You did what you did but I’m still alive.
I loved you and you didn’t deserve it.

I didn’t lose much I only lost you.
I lost a liar, a manipulator and a man of no honour.

You lost more.
You lost someone who loved you more than herself.

You lost someone who was ready to give you everything.

You will feel sorry for yourself because I’m sure that you will never find anyone who is ready to deal with all your selfishness and cruelty.

Some people told me to revenge and to hurt you but I don’t want to and I never will.

You simply don’t deserve that.
You don’t deserve any reaction from me.

I wish you a long life to see me being happy without you.

Because the best revenge is being happy and content with my life.


  • The gift of been happy without anyone, Is a blessing in itself..

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