I Got To See The True Face Of Evil!

I took a vow never to speak to him or try to contact him for as long as I’m alive.

I stopped trying in November 2017 when I became certain that he planned everything he did to me.

I stopped asking for a reason and stopped asking to meet him one last time to gain closure.

I don’t think he will ever read this but I will finally get it off my chest.

I don’t hold any grudges against you for leaving me when I needed you the most or misleading me and using me then denying it all.

I know you have many justifications for your actions which must have been strengthened by my total silence but the true reason for all what happened was because you are a very selfish person.

You have never truly cared about me like you claimed you did.

You may have convincingly put up your facade for a long time.

You want to know what is true love?
You systemically destroyed me and did everything in your power to destroy everything that meant something to me.

You lied to my face only to blame it all on me!

You did many unspeakable things for which there is no place I can get righteousness.

I could have settled for revenge.
I could have exacted revenge,
I could have exposed your true nature and ruined your reputation like you tried to do to me but I decided to remain silent.

I almost lost everything I valued and nothing could have stopped me from returning the favour fair and square.

However I didn’t do any of that and you know Why?

Because we once cherished something,
I can’t call it love since it’s unrequited as I later came to know.

I’m only happy that whatever happened has happened even though it was a very harsh lesson but I got to see the true face of evil and I’m only glad that you are out of my life.

Your betrayal paralysed me and I was in denial for a long time.

The only silver lining of it all might be that you unleashed the Devil within you too quickly.

I will never forgive you for what you did not now and not ever


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  • You’re so good.

  • Wow very well written

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