I Have More Strength Than You Will Ever Have!!

At first there was actually no answer to the question of why did you leave?

I needed some time to realise it was good that you left.

I didn’t see it at first but now I know that my life is much better without you.

There’s the fact that you played with my heart and emotions.I didn’t know what true happiness is.

I forgot it until you left because everything was just a lie.

Life with you was a huge lie, just so it is mistake.
I was vulnerable and broken at first or at least I thought I was.

I felt like deep down I have no self-respect and no self-confidence.

You made me feel weak through all the time you spent with me.

You manipulated me and to me you were the most important person in my life.

No matter what you wanted me to do, I would do it because you were the centre of my universe.

The fact is, you were the weak one the whole time and I was much stronger than you because you are a coward.

You were pretending to care about me the whole time and you were well aware how much I loved you.

After you left without even having the decency to explain why I cried for so many days for losing you.

It was very painful because I truly loved you.
I was afraid because I didn’t want to believe it’s true.

You broke my heart and the saddest thing about that is that I still loved you and missed you with every heartbeat.

After so many years of hoping and praying that you would come back I opened my eyes and saw clearly that you were a waste of my time and energy.

When I decided to let you go I felt better with every new day until I realised that I’m ready to start over.

I’m now well aware that I’m stronger than you have ever been.

It is easier to handle my disappointment in you without you manipulating me or abusing my feelings.

You left someone who didn’t want anything from you except a chance to love you.

You didn’t know back then but you know now what you have lost.

My presence and my love to you annoyed you and in your attempts to destroy me I saw the who you really are.

I healed my heart and now I’m smiling again.
I became a better person and I will never let anyone treat me the way you did.

Your intention was to mislead me and play with my feelings from the very beginning.

You knew that my feelings were true yet you didn’t hesitate to break my heart.

I won’t hate you even though you deserve to be hated with every heartbeat and every breath I take.

But I have more strength than you will ever have and that’s why I chose to forgive you.

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