I Hope That Hurting Me Will Haunt You Forever.

I loved too much
When it comes to you I loved you way too much.

I let you take my soul, my body and my everything.

But when I think a little better I realise that I
literally gave you my life.

You were controlling every part of my life.

The way you manipulated and controlled me was terrible.

Nothing in my lufe wasn’t mine.
Breathing was the only thing I could do on my own, everything else was under your control.

You were destroying me but I loved you even more no matter what.

What we had was messy and complicated and less than perfect but I didn’t care.

And one day you become full of everything, and you just left.

Without a word, without a goodbye.
I was left alone with my sadness and darkness.

Loneliness was killing me.
You could have had me forever.

I could have been there with you, beside you and love you no matter what.
But you chose to leave me.

I was shocked when you left.
Inside, I was dead.

It took me sometime to realise that I’m not hard to love just because I wanted to be treated right.

To be honest I loved you and sometimes I still do.

But darling please don’t ever think that I still need you.

Whatever bad is going to happen to you.
You deserve it.
For all the bad things you did to me.

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