I Used To Cry Myself To Sleep Too But Believe Me It Gets Better.

I’m so sorry you are going through this pain.

Your heart is broken and no one can seem to help you put it back together.

Sleep is the only time you can get away from it all.

But night time scares you because that is the time when you think.

You can’t seem to forget about what is breaking you but it will get better.

One day you will go to bed and the tears won’t fall.

You will think to yourself Am I finally going to be able to wake up without makeup smudges all over my pillow?

And the answer is yes you will.
You will have good days and you will have bad days and that is ok.

You will never be perfect.
You may even have days where you just break down again but understand emotions are normal and that is ok.

One day you will move past the pain and wish you hadn’t put yourself through some much.

One day you will find your smile again and it will make you feel beautiful.

One day your best friends will be able to make you laugh again and you will be to realise how amazing and important they are.

One day this crying yourself to sleep will just be a memory because you and your life have places to go.

And you will get there.
You just have to remember that you are strong and so is your heart.

And you can accomplish anything you set your mind to even after the worst pain you have ever felt because it only makes you stronger.

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