I Was So In Love To See It Coming.

You had me from hello.
I can still remember the day we met.

You had this cocky attitude which was different and attractive.

You got my number easily.
With the way you kept our conversation it was obvious we were going to see each other again soon.

Then the spiral started.
You pulled me in for the bumpy ride.
The ups, the downs, the I just want to be friends speeches and the I have a lot on my plate speeches.

I was there for it all.
Even with all that craziness somehow you still managed to make me fall in love with you.

Maybe it was your cleverness.
Maybe your wit.
Who knows just like that I fell for you.

I don’t know when it happened or how it happened but the next thing I know was when we lost touch.

Then you show back up and it is like you were never gone.

Then your true self started to reveal itself.
It hit me like a hurricane except I never saw this one ever coming.

You stole my heart one last time,
little did I know that would be the last time.

Weeks would go by without hearing from you.
Months went by without even seeing your face.

Was it just a joke?
Was I just another woman to you?
Did you really mean it when you said you cared?

I tried to tell you about how I felt and what was going on in my head but every time you wouldn’t talk to me about it.

About feelings, about where we stood and about what was next.

I was left wondering Is this real?
Is this something I should think about?

Instead of any real response,
I would just get the brush off.

Life would continue the way it was before.
Little did I know that you were seeing someone else.

You were probably sharing those same thoughts and feelings with her.
While I sat here away from you just waiting.

Was I just crazy about you? Absolutely.
Should I have seen it coming? Probably.

You took my heart for the last time just to shatter it.

You knew how I felt and what you were doing to me every time you ignored me.
Did you care?

It didn’t seem like it then and it sure does not seem like it now.

I wish that I could have seen this coming maybe then I could have protected my heart from you one last time.

Instead I get to pick up the pieces left of my heart so I can try to be whole again.

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