I Was Strong Enough To Start Over.

It took me a long time to get over you and what you did to me.

It was like I let a person hold my heart who had no business doing so and of course it was kicked, stabbed and crushed right before my eyes.

Now looking back I should have known better but I wanted someone to love me.

Because for some reason I was missing that love for myself.

I was looking so hard in the wrong places for love that your sweet lies of how much you cared passed right over my sane judgement.

I knew you were different but I should have known it was in a bad way.

You took every part of me and proved to me that if I gave the wrong person power he will destroy me and will do so with no mercy.

You took advantage of me and my heart and I was so broken that I didn’t see it sooner but now I do.

I see all the hate, the lies and the misery that were hiding within your soul.

And instead of you figuring out that crap for yourself you decided to find a sweet innocent woman to take on that dark path with you.

You were selfish, vengeful and you never really cared about me.

But now it is all over.
You don’t cross my mind anymore.
It is like you were just a bad dream that I’m barely reminded of.

I wonder how would you feel when you look at me now and see how much stronger I have became.

Because if you do I hope it hurts just a little knowing that I was strong enough to start over won’t satisfy you.

I was strong enough to find who I was and started to love that woman more than I have ever loved anyone.

When I found myself I found out how beautiful this world can really be.

Because of you I was able to grow.
I was able to move past bad relationships and find a person who really love me.

I wish I could say I wanted to be an acquaintance of yours but I guess you chose that fate for yourself.

And I’m actually really happy you will forever just be a bad dream of mine.

Being broken wasn’t my fault.
But I want you to know that rebuilding who I was and who I wanted to be was not because of you.

It was because of the woman I aspired to be and I can finally say I’m her.

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