I Will Always Choose You ..

There is a chance that you might not choose me.

It is an option my heart refuses but a reality my mind should consider.

The people we choose don’t always choose us and there is nothing we can do about it.

We can pray to the heavens or bleed our emotions out on paper.

And sometimes we do both knowing that neither prayer nor venting can turn the wheel of fate.

I know I can’t make you choose me.

I don’t have the power or the permission to turn destiny into my favour.

Forcing people to be with us is futile and though I long to climb the highest mountain and howl for you to be with me.

All I can do is lay on my couch and listen to the sound of my ticking clock.

Every time I look at you my eyes shows me a million reasons why we should be together.

The words my lips should utter are translated through my eyes.

I only hope you have been able to read it well.

But even if you have you still might not choose me.

You hold our love story in one hand and a pack of matches in the other.

I stand in front of you holding my breath and waiting to see which you will choose to throw away.

I want you to know that if you choose to light the matches and burn our love story, I would pick up the ashes and bring it back to life.

If there is another lifetime I would choose to reincarnate at the same place and time with you.

If you are a drone I will be your queen.
If you are a river I will be your meadow.

And if you are a human I will find you and love you as deeply and truly as I do now.

And though you might not choose me in the next lifetime I would still choose you.

Loving you is not an option and I’m not afraid to admit it anymore.

In the past I struggled with vulnerability because I was afraid to lose you for good.

Sometimes when we know how much a person loves us, we hold back and run away because not everyone is ready for a love like this.

But I’m not afraid of you running away anymore.

My love for you is stronger than distance and greater than space.

It defies natural laws.

So if you run away I would still love you harder and hope you would come back and choose me again one day.

They say love is a feeling but I say love is a choice.

There are very few people to whom we give our hearts to in a box and willingly lose the key.

I know you might choose to give your heart to someone else and as much as it hurts me to say this but I hope this person chooses you as strongly as I always will.

I will choose you with all your imperfections, all your flaws and all the goodness inside you.

I will choose you with all the pain you sometimes put me through.

And I will transform that pain into roses and drink it like my favourite glass of wine.

While it is challenging to understand how I love you all I can hope for is that one day you will realise the depth and sincerity of my love.

Because if you did you might have chosen me long ago.

If you take a ride through the complexities of my heart you will see that I have built a home for you in all four chambers.

I have planted a garden for you in my veins and made a replica of you in my skin.

Allow me to present myself as I am and what could become of me without you.

If you choose me I will prove to you that unconditional love exists.

I will love you in ways no one else has or ever will.

If you choose me I will show you the dark side of the moon and light it up for you.

If there is one thing that we must burn that should be the fear that is stopping you from choosing me.

But please know that even if you choose to break my heart I will still choose you.


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