I Will Rise Again.

I have never been broken before.
My heart has definitely been though.

It is common and normal to experience a heartbreak.

Time aids almost everyone to cover the wounds with a bandage and move on.

But the breaking of self is different, there is no bandage that can cover the bruises.

It is so deep that it can affect you on all levels, mentally, emotionally and physically.

It can deplete you of energy and turn you into a ghost walking amongst crowds of living human beings.

To be broken by someone you loved is simply the most dangerous form of killing because you don’t physically die.

You emotionally die and this is the beginning of a dire inner and outer war.

Although you SY owe me a bandage for mercilessly breaking me.

I can only show you through my words the intensity and the depth of my wounds.

I know you are used to being called Charming Man but I figured out you deserve it no more.

As far as I know real men of flesh and blood have integrity but sadly you have none.

To be broken isn’t a pleasant state of being.

I’m sure you know how it feels as only a broken man can be cruel enough to break a woman for simply loving him.

Only someone like you is daring enough to have the nerves to mess with karma.

The only difference between you and me is that you were and always will be broken.

You never had the courage to bring together your broken pieces and so you left it shattered everywhere.

Your pieces were quite hazardous that in return it broke me.

Dear SY, it is true that I’m broken today but I promise you that I won’t be tomorrow.

People with broken hearts usually bring their pieces back together for the sake of revenge.

But as for me, I don’t and I won’t.

I know most probably you are tucked in bed everyday with a new woman and telling them how much of a perfect lover you are.

I’m bringing my pieces back together for me.

I have been broken for so long that I forgot what a complete stature really looks like.

I forgot what confidence means and what self love is about.

You made me forget the true meaning of love and this I believe is what I miss the most.

And so I will start picking my broken pieces.

Unlike you, I won’t accept bruising another person through my own bruises.

I’m actually aiming to give everything you failed to give me.

I will give others honesty, love, attention and selflessness.

I will keep on giving until someone comes along and gives back to me.

If you think I will long be devastated by your betrayal and stay where you left me then you are sadly mistaken.

I will love and I will be loved back and only then will you know what you had and lost.

Trust me I won’t be the one to show you this.

Life and karma will show you how I shall rise again that I will lose sight of you.

Life and karma will show you how strong I am despite the abundant number of my broken pieces.

I will rise and state out loud how thankful I am to the one who broke me ,, to you SY.

You are the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me because to be broken is as good as it is bad.

Only when we know what it feels like to taste the mud, will we aim to rise and taste the stars.

And I will live amongst the stars while you are still wondering how I managed to release myself from your web.

I know that you will miss me.

You will miss me and when you feel it just wait for a starry night and say it out loud.

I will hear you but I won’t reply back because by then I will be a star and stars aren’t easy to catch.


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