If It’s Meant To Be!!

If you were truly in love then the betrayal will feel like your soul has been lit on fire.

Every waking moment is agony.
Every breath is a tragedy.
Every second of every day you wish would just end so you can rest your suffering soul.

Some days you wake up already crying.
Some days you sob uncontrollably into your steering wheel on the way to work.

Some days are better than others.
Some days you feel a pain like no other.
All the cuts, bruises and burns through the years won’t compare to this pain.

You will feel as if your soul is sobbing,
You will feel it being ripped apart and it’s calling out in an agonising pain for that person to come back.

Your dreams will haunt you.
Your sleepless nights will torment you.
Thinking will become a self inflicted torture.

You remember his smell.
You remember the comfort of his arms around you.

You remember the sound of his laugh and it will still make you smile.

You remember all his little quirks and kinks that made him unique.

Life will be pure suffering if it’s a betrayal by someone you genuinely loved.

But I’m telling you right now that as long as you take the proper steps towards healing and moving on you are going to be fine.

You are going to be stronger and wiser.
You will learn your lesson.

Don’t focus on him when healing.
Pay attention to all what he did wrong and focus on what you can learn so that you won’t repeat the same mistakes and if you did it won’t hurt as much.

Remember that we are all human and that means we are all prone to making mistakes.

Maybe he wasn’t all he could have been and neither were you.

That’s ok because that’s life.
Never replace Love with Hate.
The opposite of Love may be indifference but Hate is an ugly colour.

If you have to justify the betrayal with hate then you are not healing or moving on.

You will know this by the way you talk about him.

If you are speaking ill about him then you are not done.

If you find yourself feeling resentment then you are not done.

You need to be done for your sake not his.
As painful as the idea is now, one day you will realise that life after him is not only possible but it’s inevitable and you should embrace it.

Even if you feel disappointed now, never forget that life’s great journey isn’t over.

You have to understand that anything can and will happen and never forget that everything happens for a reason.

I’m not saying this to give you a false hope but to give you a deeper understanding of the mysteries of this world.

You simply don’t know what could happen.
You may meet the love of your life today, tomorrow or the next day.

Or maybe the person who betrayed you will come back days, months or even years from now and ask you to forgive him.

Maybe now wasn’t the time for both of you.
Maybe he had to betray in order for him to realise that he really loves you.

Maybe you weren’t ready for each other and that’s ok.

However don’t use this as an excuse to hold on and put your life on hold because again this could never happen.

Because there’s a chance that you will fall in love with somebody else.

Imagine how amazing it will feel.
Listen to your heart to decide which direction to go and it will tell you how to get there.

Don’t let the betrayal get in the way of Love.
If you truly loved him then you will cherish what you had while moving on with your life.

Hold him in your heart.
Never forget that if it’s meant to be it will be.

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