Ignorance Is A Bliss But Only To The Fool Who’s Ignorant.

Narcissism is categorised as an Anti-Social Personality Disorder and typically characterised with lack of guilt as even if A Narcissist did feel it, he will justify it to himself and attempt to also justify his wrong doings to others while deflecting blame.

He isn’t just superficial but also in some cases he can be regularly manipulative, compulsive liar, excessively self absorbed and seem to always manage to play the role of The Victim.

This is a disorder and a mindset, meaning his perspective is warped and the majority of the time he is convinced that he’s never wrong and it’s because he justifies it to himself.

He may become frustrated from initially seeing his wrong doing but he will talk himself out of it.

Even if he’s just a habitual liar, he lies to himself in the process.

Convincing himself that he is on the right side and all his actions should be forgiven and forgotten with factors that weren’t even a part of the equation to begin with.

He sits there in his little world grinning, smirking and probably getting excited by your reaction to his abuse and manipulation.

I can’t imagine why he enjoys putting people through such horrors.

I also discovered that the more you concern yourself with this, the more he will pursue his attacks.

He is simply relentless when he decides on hate and has only one way to deal with it.

Scorched Earth, Nuclear Detonations Only and Collateral damage doesn’t even seem to matter to him.

Doing wrong to people is instinctive to him especially to “those who love him” because they are easier to hurt since they are somehow connected to The Narcissist.

The one who can hurt you the most is the closest one to you.

That is why The Abuser bonds with you to attach you to him.

Maybe he will regret at some point but if he did he will deny that feeling because f he admitted to the wrong he did to you then it could put his game at sake.

Sometimes he seems to admit it but it is done in a way that allows him to enforce his control on you by playing on your feelings once again.

If he apologises, in the end, maybe he isn’t so bad then you forgive and he starts over.

So the more A Narcissist is Narcissistic the less he is likely to genuinely regret what he did to other people.

He may regret having done something instead of something else because what he did failed and the other thing could have had a better outcome.

He may also regret if his actions caused you to be out of his reach.

But don’t expect him to regret that he has hurt you because the chances for it are about zero.

If you show him he’s hurting you then he’s very likely to take advantage of it to hurt you more and put the blame on you.

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