In The End What Will Become Of The Narcissists?!

Narcissists probably will end up with some serious mental problems, mostly medicated, and under doctor’s observation.

In theory by their late 30s, they have become too much for others to handle.

By their 40’s and 50′s things begin to shift.

They have isolated themselves from the people who truly cared about them, and the children who they said they love.

Since they have avoided responsibility all their lives and relied on others to meet their basic needs, they struggle with simple acts, like eating, hygiene and cleanliness.

Dictators by nature and having no one to dictate to, they will have to cope with their own demands and find that they can’t keep up with these demands themselves.

Their bitterness, anger and frustration will turn to hate and they will be crowned with jealousy and all their tactics will turn against them because they will have no one else to blame.

Consequences will stare them straight but they will refuse to see their own reflection.

The veil of their blindness will fall over them like a thick fog but they will be too afraid and fragile to see it.

They will get depressed at the slightest lifting of that veil.

They will continue their tactics, blaming every one, avoiding responsibility and turning away from consequences but they will only dig a deeper hole and the wounds will get deeper and deeper.

Their delusions will trick them, they will think they found another victim, another way to manipulate and a different trick to pull, still thinking they are smarter but their attempts will backfire over and over again.

Now their victims can sit back and enjoy but they won’t.

When I met my Narcissist he was in his late 40’s and I was 30.

I fell for his fake charm, gentleness and maturity.

I thought that someone in his age won’t play with my feelings, will be straight forward and direct, but he turned out to be the ultimate nightmare of my life.

A serial philanderer, A heartless pathetic excuse of a man.

After everything he has done and the damage he caused, I still don’t wish anything bad to happen to him.

Earlier in my recovery I used to wish that he will come back, apologise or give me a closure and tell me why he did what he did.

Now after I recovered and learnt about Narcissists, I don’t need closure because I know that it wasn’t about me but everything was about him.

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