In This Life Or The Other!

Imagine having to go through life wearing a mask.

Narcissists can never remove their masks at least in public.

They worry constantly that someone will see the ugliness that hides behind it.

Most of the time the mask is extremely irritating.

They want to rip it off but doing so would expose their biggest secret.

They are not who they pretend to be.
If people knew the truth they would sprint in the other direction.

Wearing a mask day in and day out is exhausting.

Despite their best efforts occasionally it slips.

When it does a beast appears.
Sometimes it’s just a brief appearance and the ogre is replaced with an easy going smile.

But they live in fear that slippage is going to happen no matter what they do.

Then there are those unusually perceptive people.

They see through the mask.
They are repulsed by what’s behind it.
These people pose a threat and they must be neutralised and marginalised.

That way if they decided to call them out no one would believe them.

Imagine going through life wearing a mask and how truly stifling it must be.

If you have ever been hurt by a malicious person then you are probably familiar with the term Malignant Narcissist.

You are also aware that some people wear masks to cover their dark personality traits.

Although such people may appear happy, their inner misery is what compels them to abuse others.

I’m not a psychologist and I have no formal training in this type of personality disorder.

My knowledge came after loving one of these evil characters in real life.

Although I‘m not qualified to diagnose anyone, I can determine when a certain set of behaviours qualifies as malicious.

Maliciousness is when someone deliberately plans to harm someone else and then gleefully follows through on his plan.

Watching another person in pain makes him happy.

Someone who operates this way is also capable of constructing elaborately sophisticated scenarios designed to destroy a fellow human being.

Unfortunately a minority of the population seems to have a severe character flaw which apparently fuels these actions.

It’s good to know this so we can protect ourselves especially whenever a new person enters our life.

The normal response to Narcissistic Abuse is anger.

From a non professional standpoint, I can tell you this is a normal reaction and probably a healthy one at least for a short time.

However over the long run it will eat your soul out causing you great harm and much distress.

That’s why it’s much better to view the nasty experience through the lens of pity.

We should be aware of certain behaviour patterns so we can protect ourselves from emotional predators.

A minority of people both men and women don’t relate to others honestly instead some appear to love causing trouble.

Crafty and clever, very few people can see through their artfully crafted mask.

This makes it all more frustrating because those we should be able to count on for support let us down and side with The Narcissist because, after all he is so Nice.

This makes us feel weak, frightened, devastated and discouraged.

But in our weakness there is a silver lining.

That’s because we have the potential to bounce back stronger than ever.

The Narcissist on the other hand has dug himself deeper and likely gained no insight in the process.

If you have ever been targeted by one of these very disturbed individuals, take a step back and try to see things from their own perspective.

Behind the mask you will see signs of cracking.

He is a seriously sick person.

He may be able to hide this fact from most people but not from everyone.

Left unchecked his behaviour has the potential to get worse.

This means that he will be headed for a crash landing at some point.

It’s probably a safe bet that his personal relationships are a mess as he doesn’t have the capacity to truly love others.

I believe that his bad behaviour will have eternal consequences and one day he is going to regret this.

I also believe that we are all going to be judged by a loving and a merciful God.

Take pity on those poor souls who spent it mistreating others because whether in this life or the other they will have to pay for their evil doings.

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