Is Blocking The Narcissist A Good Idea?!

I encountered this question a lot, but I can only answer based on my experience.

I blocked my Narcissist at least 5 times in the last year.

It never resulted in me thinking about him any less, in fact sometimes it did the quite opposite.

So I unblocked him and decided to work on my mental and emotional strength rather than focusing on blocking him.

How I see it now is that the ‘Block’ and ‘Ignore’ buttons don’t last forever.

It can never fully secure you from not being hoovered or contacted by your Narcissist.

What can last forever is you mentally and emotionally working on yourself to never ever react to anything a Narcissist does, ever.

I assure you it is possible to be immune to your Narcissist and to not ever waste a single minute of your precious life on him.

So, Is blocking a Narcissist a good idea or not?

If your Narcissist notices you blocked him, it might make him feel powerful.

Because in a way you are trying to escape and get away right in front of his eyes and trust me, he will enjoy this.

By his twisted logic he can see this as if he is still the centre of your universe.

Now, it’s up to you to think how important this is.

It’s up to you if you want to view some things from your Narcissists perspective.

I see this as an observational thing which helped me understand that what I’m doing was right.

I’m not blocking him anymore therefore he isn’t getting any vibes from me, no energy, no hints, nothing.

I literally go through life as if he doesn’t exist because it’s how I feel now.

I became mentally and emotionally stronger and any future attempts from him will mean nothing to me.

I realised that the ‘Block’ option won’t secure me from anything he will try to do so it meant nothing to me.

This kind of mindset doesn’t come over night, it takes a dedication to heal from a Narcissist, understand his disorder and just how inconsequential he is.

However, if you really think that blocking your Narcissist is something that has to be done in order for you to completely stop thinking about him, then go ahead and do it even if it is a temporary solution.

Try it if you think it will make you stronger.

It’s different for everyone and all I’m saying is that I realised it takes more than just a ‘Block’ button to get away from someone as evil as him.

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