Is It Common For A Narcissistic Abuse Survivors To Isolate Themselves?

Survivors of Trauma which includes Narcissistic Abuse carry longterm effects in the mind and in the body.

Closing off and staying stuck creates an unhealthy cycle of anxiety and a pulsing background fear that literally resides in our body and in our minds.

The good news is that we can reimagine and reexamine how we are choosing to relate to these chronic and lingering effects of Stress and Trauma.

There can be changes made to support us in our healing process.

Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse can begin the process of slowly opening up and ending the feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness that came along with the isolation.

The first step is to reach out and bring genuine self-care to ourselves through support.

Isolation without support and real self-care will add to the feelings of helplessness and low levels of confidence and self-esteem.

Survivors will also continue to have difficulties establishing and setting appropriate and self-preserving boundaries.

The effects of Longterm Narcissistic Abuse can be presented in our daily life patterns.

Falling back into our same patterns.
Perhaps not venturing outside of our comfort zone or staying with routines that leave us feeling dull, listless and aching deep inside.

A sense that something is missing.
Falling into the same ways of relating.

Perhaps continuing to be distracted and attracted to things that sparkle.

Those sparkling things and people that may suck all our energy out of us because they need to be filled up with our adoration and compliments.

We may begin to notice that we leave these encounters feeling completely drained and then wonder why did we just get a babysitter to endure that?

Familiar ways of relating to people.
Viewing all our interactions through a lens of perfection and unrelenting judgement.

Having to appear perfect, capable and responsible all the time.

Perhaps slightly judging others and comparing our life and situation to theirs.

Bringing more pain and suffering into our daily life.

Are we left with a strong feeling of anger, resentment, hopelessness or loneliness and respond from this place in our encounters at work and in our relationships?

Do we bring these negative feelings and judgments towards ourselves?

We can learn to recognise the triggers for what they are.

Understanding that not turning towards and examining the deeply rooted reasons why we are reacting or responding with such anger, withdrawal or distance from others will leave us in the same, small, stuck place.

Can we broaden our perspective?
Can we widen and make room for the possibility of change, hope and growth?

Can we open up to our worth and innate wholeness despite what we have been told over and over again by The Abusive Narcissist?

Can we stop believing the lies, the doubt and the fears that creeps in and tries to hold us in this cramped, closed up little space?

We can relearn to listen to the strength that resides within.

We can make small changes to move us into the right direction.

We deserve to heal.

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