Is It Possible To Forget?!!

I don’t think it’s possible for this to happen because we have been committed for so long to him.

It’s an impossible mission to forget the one we loved for so long.

I never will forget the man that I loved because he was my everything.

The man I loved made me melt.
For sure craved his attention more than anything and he never could give it to me.

To forget someone we loved so deeply is not easy.

We were always true to them but they were never true to us.

We thought it was true because we lead with our genuine hearts and souls but they didn’t see that in us.

They used us to break us when we were their supply for whatever they needed from us.

That’s what we do for The Narcissists as Empathetic People.

It’s part of our nature to be loving, caring, go out of our way, give love, be sweet and everything that’s part of loving someone ,, that’s what we do.

So how do we get over him?
Well we don’t!

We move along in the best way we can and try to have a healthy lifestyle in whatever way that may be.

Life is full of experiences but this experience with The Narcissist isn’t something that’s normal to most people.

We have to do everything in our power to heal our hearts, spirits and souls.

It is important to know that The Narcissist never cared.

This experience is why I talk so much about how hard it is to move on after being discarded by The Narcissist.

We have to keep forcing ourselves to having healthy thoughts so we can find a better life.

We can’t forget The Narcissist, we won’t and we don’t need to.

What we need is to find other sources of joy and of love.

Even if we still miss him and even if we still ache from his abuse, we have to move on.

We have to open ourselves to new people.
Reopen ourselves to friends and family we turned away from out of shame and fear during our chaotic, abusive relationship.

We may still miss The Narcissist but it won’t be with the same single mindedness.

It won’t be in the same fervent and addictive manner.

We will start to need him less.
We will begin to think about other people upon waking up in the morning and before we go to sleep at night.

Those things will be intermingled with thoughts of him and after a time we will realise that we never needed him.

And with this realisation we will begin to relegate him to a stadium seat in our mind.

We will not forget him but no longer will he be in the front and centre of our thoughts and hearts.

Although born out of a negative situation this is a wonderful opportunity.

We survived something horrific and we didn’t die.

Now we have a chance to do and be something new and we can do it in any way we want to.

All we have to do is to start believing.

Now is the time to go out and do things that used to scare us before.

It might mean taking a class that challenges us intellectually.

Reinvent our looks.
Learn a new skill.
Purge both physically and emotionally.
Allow new things and opportunities to take root.

It will feel fantastic and it will change our lives for the better.

Overhauling our world will enable us to let go with no regrets and open us up to a brighter future.

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