Is It Possible To Force A Narcissist To Leave You Alone?!

You told people what the Narcissist was doing.

Inevitably, some people denied or disbelieved what you were saying he did, but many more surprisingly Ceased to support him.

And for that you were very heartened and grateful!

Many people will acknowledge his bullying and harassment as wrong but until it impacts them personally they won’t do much.

Many people differ in opinion about what is an acceptable behaviour and some people who are inclined to feel that some people entertainers, for example dwell in rarefied air are not to be held accountable for their actions as others are.

Some will feel people with charisma are special and don’thave to follow rules of decency like the rest of humanity.

Experts will tell you just to initiate no contact.

I would be inclined to agree as exposing a Narcissist is a risky venture.

However a bully is more limited in their scope if you tell people about them and I was inspired by the
#me-too and
#times-up movements.

I don’t want to be complicit in my silence any longer.

I regret being too fearful to come forward sooner, but I know based on some responses that I helped people to not endure this person as I did for so long.

Narcissists are experts in playing the victim and sadly people will believe them regardless of how unbelievable their defences are.

It is not altogether those peoples’ fault: brainwashing is a real thing and trauma can create strong bonds.

Sometimes it take people a good amount of time to snap out of it and be ready to accept what it is that you are saying.

That the person they know and love is capable of such awful things.

It took me about a year to accept what he did to me.

Setting boundaries is always a good idea when dealing with a Narcissist.

Know that Narcissists are vindictive, manipulative and are playing games all day every day and they do this sort of thing contractually.

That is who you are up against, A Professional Exploiter and Manipulator.

They will be furious!
Their Ego just took a huge hit!!

They pride themselves on their acting abilities and now the person they pretended to be is exposed.

They just don’t get the cause and effect philosophy.

All the time that they immaturely and passive aggressively punished you for not being able to read their mind and tell them how wonderful they are, instead of trying to explain emotions or how what they did hurt you.

They just can’t recognise their part that led to this!

They are infuriated because they lost control over you and because you took your power back.

You were supposed to be conditioned to serve their needs and feel special while doing it!

For that you WILL be punished!

They will try the unimaginable to get you back because they want to teach you a lesson.

You hurt them and now they will hurt you!

Remember this above all else, they are detached from emotions.

They never formed an honest relationship from the get go.

They were shut down emotionally long before you come along.

They are without empathy and they have no conscience that keeps them awake at night.

They feel Nothing.

It is their mental disorder and their own self preservation.

They lack introspection.

You were naive, weren’t we all but not anymore.

You will be a bulletproof from here on out.

The road has some rough patches ahead, you may even get the occasional flat tyre just buy a new one and keep going!

They spend much of the relationship pretending they love you and care about you , now they don’t have to pretend anymore so they won’t.

They will let loose the hate they have felt all along.

The hate and contempt they feel for themselves will be inflicted on the people they so call love.

The Bible says no man ever hated his own flesh.

I’m here to tell you that Narcissists do.

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