Is It Smart To Play Along With A Narcissist?!

They are by far more equipped to destroy than to heal.

The longer you stay to watch the more it’s going to hurt.

A Narcissist can be very vindictive and dangerous.

He is typically pretty sharp because he is paranoid and paranoid people tend to have their eyes and ears open.

Thus he is paying attention to everything.
He often enlists the help of his flying monkeys to help him spy and gather information.

He tends to think in much more devious way than anyone and he is willing to go to alarming extreme lengths to get what he wants.

He can never love you or offer you any kind of a meaningful relationship.

Any relationship with him would be one sided where you are always giving and he is only taking.

We are never promised tomorrow so we don’t know how much time we have on this earth.

Time is precious and should be spent wisely.
Why would you want to waste time with someone who offers you nothing in return?

So go and be loved by someone worthy of your time and energy and stop wasting your time on a broken man.

This is what my future smart self would have said to my not so smart self two years ago had I been able to warn myself.

You will never ever win with A Narcissist.
If you are smart enough to know that he is A Narcissist then you should be smart enough to get him out of your life.

A Narcissist doesn’t think like us.
He is a master manipulator and he literally lies to save himself.

He will do anything to keep himself from losing.

Without empathy there is no compassion which means that he doesn’t care.

He doesn’t care who he hurts or how deep he would hurt someone.

It never enters his thinking process.

Us on the other hand would hold back if we thought winning will involve hurting others

A Narcissist is unable to think like that due to his lack of empathy.

He can’t let himself be seen as less than perfect.

Nothing else matters to him more than just winning and that is how he has survived his entire life.

No one has as much experience in lying and manipulation as he does.

If you think you can win at anything up against A Narcissist than you are lying to yourself or you could have some delusional disorder.

Even if you win ,, what would you win?
How many people would have been affected in the process of your winning?!

I personally wouldn’t risk it.
Life is too short for games like that.

Try putting all that time and energy into something positive instead of something ridiculously negative.

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